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latest dreams

Just an update on my recent, wacky dreams:

I had a dream that I was going to see this show thing and there were guys sitting next to me with guns in their hands, and these blades were coming out of the guns, and when I was passing them this boy with a hatchet stood up and tried to slice the back of my ankle. Then I went into this room with people, and this little cartoon of a dog came on a tv screen and there was a pool in the center, and suddenly it started overflowing and it was flooding the room, and then Ms. Bitters came out of nowhere and said, "This, children, is your wretched fate."

Another one:

I had a dream that Bree was walking around, and she was pregnant and she kept saying, "Man this baby is heavy." So then I went into my room and sat down at my computer, and my Zim plushie (it didn't look exactly like the crack plushie in my dream, it looked like a real Zim, but he was in his disguise) was on my pillow on his back, and I was typing and then I looked at him and he was on his stomach. And I got creeped out and said, "Zim?" and he raised his head and smiled at me. That scared me half to death.

And the latest, which happened last night:

I dreamed that I was driving this school bus full of kids to this school thing-y. At first it was empty and easy to drive, but when the kids started getting in it got harder to drive and I almost drove off the cliff. Anyway, I got to the school and we got out and sat down at a table, and this girl I didn�t know who was sitting next to me turned around and said, �Are you Jess?� And I was like, �Uh, yeah.� And the girl said, �Cool, I�m Mel!� and then we started talking about stuff I don�t remember, and I asked if she was going to my school and she said yes, but she was in a different building, and I dunno, it was REALLY weird. And then NNY appeared out of the ceiling and said, �Let�s play a game,� and he drank a brainfreezy and he had a chainsaw in his hand, and then this woman came out and said, �NO KILLING, JOHNNY.� And Mel asked him, �Is Jhoneny Nen around?� And NNY said that he was hiding somewhere and she looked ticked off. And then NNY said, �Well, we�re still playing the game,� and then Eminem came out from nowhere wearing a graduation cap and robes and stuff and he said to us, �I�m on your team,� and the other kids starting yelling and going, �NO, COME ON OUR TEAM!!� and Mel and I said to him, �No, stay on ours!� And he stayed on our team and said, �No, I am very kind.� o.O Then Mel and I got some popcorn and went to see a movie about toothbrushes, and we were going to sit up on this balconey thing but the kindergarten class from my old school was sitting there, and Mel said, �Let�s go down to the front row, I don�t like the balconey anyway.� So we went down to the front row and watched the toothbrush movie and then I woke up.

Yup, that�s it. Hehe.

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